KaalaThe new poster of Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala‘ (The King of Dharavi) comes with the core of the movie’s story, the clash between the two titans aka Rajinikanth as the leader of the downtrodden and Nana Patekar as the symbol of the elite who ill-treat the downtrodden.

Nana Patekar is playing a politician, the antagonist in the movie. For Bollywood, Nana Patekar is one of the finest actors who had given outstanding performances throughout his career. Getting him on board has created great excitement among Bollywood audiences besides ‘Kaala’ being the superstar’s movie who is a pan-Indian superstar.

Audiences are eager to see the two titans confrontation in the movie that is scheduled to arrive on 7th June. Rajinikanth is playing the don who represents the oppressed Tamil in Dharavi, Mumbai and Nana, the face of a politician of that time. Just the two in the poster is suggestive in many ways. What say?