Kaala-Back-in-Game-for-27thNow, it’s officially confirmed that the Tamil Film Producers Council’s strike was called off and it was officially announced by Vishal. However, there is a big task ahead deciding the release date of the films that had missed their earlier release dates.

Of course, ‘Kaala’ stands first for Rajinikanth’s fans. However, there are several small and medium budget films that are waiting for theatrical release, this Summer. The council will sit together on April 18th and decide the release date of the films without leaving out on any film. If ‘Kaala’ comes on 27th April as said before, how will be the scenario for ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ and ‘Naa Peru Surya’?

As per the speculations, ‘Kaala’ may get the earlier release date as expected. But then, Vishal is planning to accommodate three films on a single Friday. But, who would like to take on Rajinikanth’s film as they know that besides hogging the limelight before the release, a Rajinikanth’s movie can rule at the box-office even with mixed talk?