Kaala-Audio-–-A-Trendy-Political-Mass-Elevation-AlbumThe much eagerly awaited music of Kaala is out. It was released in a grand audio launch. Santhosh Narayanan, the music director of Kabali, is behind Kaala as well. Before we get to Kaala, it would be necessary to remind that the reception to Kabali music has been different in Telugu and Tamil. In Telugu, it was all about the title track.

With Kaala it would have been the same situation but for the politically loaded songs. It gives the songs, scope to register with the audience or be in use via politics in case the movie succeeds at the box office. More than half of the soundtrack consists of songs that are written to boost or uplift the morale of the lower strata of society, raise voice against the system.

The trendy beats with catchy hooks by music director Santosh Narayanan makes the hard-hitting, revolutionary lyrics easily palpable for masses. There are a couple of songs with high mass elevations but not in the typical Superstar Rajinikanth style. Finally, there are only two songs that belong to the non-political or mass space, and they are also neat listen, thoroughly steeped in music director’s style. They aren’t the chartbuster variety though.

Overall, Kaala is a perfect album for Superstar Rajinikanth what with the entire political anxiety going around. It should be lapped up by fans. For the rest, the wait continues for a universal blockbuster commercial Rajinikanth album.