Ka Ka Ka Po Keshava Rajan diedHere surfaced the details of tragic event about a debutante Tamil actor. Keshava Rajan who is making his debut as an actor with film maker Vijay’s ‘Ka Ka Ka Po’ had been to Malaysia with his parents taking a holiday break. Unfortunately, he slipped into Malaysia waters and was swept away while his parents were watching.

Keshav Rajan’s body was found stuck between the rocks by the search team next day in Malaysia and the debut actor was found dead. While his film was in post production work, the actor flew to Malaysia for a break. The unit of ‘Ka Ka Ka Po’ was in a shock for the sad news.

His film is all set for a premiere and he was due to fly to Chennai to attend the premiere. This tragic incident happened at Lubuk Degong Waterfalls in Bidor, Malaysia.