Jwala Gutta and Harsha­vardhan are just good friends?

Rumors about celebrities dating other celebrities become widespread like wildfire and the reports about a link-up between Harsha­vardhan Rane and Jwala Gutta is no exception. It was heard that the badminton player gifted him a Volvo car. However, both of them seem to be denying it.

The actor Harshavardhan said that he doesn’t accept any expensive gifts as according to his middle-class mind-set, it isn’t right. As for the car, it belongs to Gutta and he said that someone from the media must have seen him driving it and made the assumption. He stated that any reports regarding the two of them dating is false and it is just gossip. He mentioned that they are good friends like he is friends with Rana Daggubati. He likes spending time with her but it is just friendship.