Samantha - Naga ChaitanyaIt’s a two-day wedding for Naga Chaitanya and Samantha both in Hindu traditional style and Christian style. While the Hindu style wedding happened on 6th October, the love birds exchanged the rings just a few moments ago.

Christian Style Wedding Photos

A very short video featuring Sam and Chay in their Christian wedding attires made it to the social media in which we can see Chaitanya and San exchanging wedding rings amidst huge applause from the relatives, friends and the wedding invites.

This cute couple’s ‘just in’ wedding video is going viral and the duo’s fans are excited to catch the first glimpse of Sam and Chay as the bride and the bridegroom. From our mirchi9 team, we extend our greetings for a happy and great married life, ahead. Congratulations Sam and Chay!