Sunitha Boya - Bunny VaasHappening Producer Bunny Vas is cruising in his career with an amazing success rate. When he looks unstoppable, he has got a headache from unexpected quarters. A junior artist, Sunitha Boya has been making sexual allegations on him for a long time and has been making Hungama at his office every now and then.

Police have arrested her at least three times and also ascertained that she is not mentally sound. She comes back and stages similar protests making the same allegations. She further posted a video threatening to kill his daughter. Bunny Vas who has filed a case on it vented his anguish in an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the latter’s recent opinion about Internet Freedom.

“A mentally ill psycho posted a video on social media that she would kill my daughter. A reasonable celebrity like me could not take it down. Imagine the plight of the common man. It is much easier in Indian courts than on social media to prove that a post or news published by someone is a lie. That is why I am going to court and fighting for justice,” he added.

He urged for a limit in Internet freedom as it is crossing the line and is hurting family lives. “Are the social media companies keeping a tab if only those with self-discretion are allowed on their platforms? Are you have systems in place to control such people?” he questions. “I am writing this letter as a person who has seen my daughter and my family because of a person without such discretion,” he asks/