PakkaCommercial-HappyBirthday-ThankYou-TheWarriorr-Gargi-RamraoOnDuty-Karthikeya2-Bimbisara-SitaRamamThe month of July was a nightmare for the Tollywood industry. Every week the industry witnessed disasters of epic proportions. Many of the films couldn’t even recover 25% of their investment.

Pakka Commercial, Happy Birthday, Thank You, The Warriorr, Gargi, and Ramrao On Duty all turned out to be an embarrassment for their makers and the stars.

But thankfully, August has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Bimbisara and Sita Ramam started August on a bright note. The films brought the audience back to the theaters. Karthikeya 2, released this week, has added joy to makers’ and distributors’ faces as the film is doing phenomenal business all over the country, including the Hindi dubbed version.

This brings us to the conclusion that the audience is ready to embrace films as long as the content is exciting. Gone are the days when even mediocre films used to survive at the box office. People now want to visit the cinema only if the content is exciting and offers them a new experience.

Based on the trailer and promotional material, the audience has started to make up their minds to watch the movie in cinemas or wait for their OTT premiere.

The message is clear for the filmmakers…Make original, exciting content with good technical values and be rewarded or face many more embarrassments in the future.