Julayi is the first combination film of Allu Arjun and Trivikram. Eventhough, Trivikram does not have proper commercial hit in his short career as director, he had created an image for himself with his unique dialogues and excellent characterization. The movie is releasing on Thursday in record number of theaters. Here is the SWOT analysis of the movie Julayi.


Director Trivikram had established himself as a brand among A class and overseas audience. He has immense crowd pulling capacity among these sections, Our reports suggest that the comedy and dialogues in the movie have worked out immensely in the movie

Bunny off late had been appealing to all sections of audience. Also he had got the label of Minimum entertaining hero among family audience.

Devi Sri Prasad and Bunny combination had delivered excellent albums like Arya and Arya-2. And Julayi songs have been no less


The movie had got the image of a very soft movie in common audience. We will have to see what it has in it for the Mass audience.

Trivikram always scores 100 out of 100 in script work but fails to convey the movie perfectly to the audience. This has been a problem to him since very long time. We will have to see if he overcomes it this time.


The movie has no immediate threat from any biggies. This will help the movie get the initial openings.

The makers are planning a never before release for a Bunny movie which should work given no competition. The movie is getting biggest ever release for a Telugu movie in Tamil Nadu and Overseas.


A small movie Andala Rakshasi with all new comers and a debut director is carrying tremendous positive buzz among A class audiece and the movie is releasing a day after Julayi release, if it can make a mark on the audience, certainly the comparisons would come and may damage the prospectus of Julayi.

Bollywood movie Gangs of Wasseypur 2 was released today and is carrying positive buzz which may also dent in Multiplex collections