– done! All in all a stylish,funny, action packed entertainer! Will do good business at the box office. Review up In a while.
– Bramhi to bramhaji ninnu jail lo enduku esaru? donga passport chesinanduku. Bramhi: adi art ante artist la ni kooda bokka lo estara?
– And first half up. Interesting funny so far. action packed interval bang. Entertaining so far.
– Bramhi and Rajendra prasad introduction is epic. Funny to the core
– Title song well choreographed. Udayabhanu features in the song. Allu Arjun dances like a charm.
– Logic Lu evaru nammaru andariki magic le kavali. anduke mana desam lo scientists kanna baba la ne ekkuva nammutaru
– Starts off with trivikram’s punch dialogues. Posani in the movie hilarious dialogues.
Courtesy: Shrwood

M9News′s Exclusive Pre-Release SWOT Analysis on Julayi Movie