Judgment Test: NTR Or Ram Charan!Today at 11:11 AM a new Mega Powerful project in the combination of Ram Charan and Buchi Babu (Uppena fame) is going to be announced. A new producer Kilaru Sathish is producing this film while Mythri Movie Makers are presenting it.

If reports are to be believed then Buchi Babu first narrated a script to NTR. Though NTR showed interest initially, as the script developed, NTR didn’t like the second half and he rejected to do the movie.

Now Ram Charan has okayed Buchi Babu’s script and the film will start its production in January 2023. So it means Ram Charan has shown trust in Buchi Babu’s talent as a writer and director while NTR didn’t.

No one knows if the script of this film is the same one that Buchi Babu narrated to NTR. If both are the same scripts, then in that case if the film turns out to be a hit then Charan’s judgment will be hailed and NTR will regret his decision. And if the film doesn’t work then NTR’s script selection will be appreciated and Ram Charan’s credibility will be questioned.

It will be interesting to see which RRR star has better script judgment skills.

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