Jr NTR - Komuram BheemudoThere are movies which became hits because of songs. But in RRR, the song Komuram Bheemudo has become a hit after the movie release because of NTR’s Performance. The way everyone is connecting to this song is there for us all to see.

All those who have watched the film in areas other than Telugu states are surely talking about this one song and NTR’s emotional performance in it. The way NTR has performed in it has made this scene a talking point all over the country.

NTR is a solid actor and south Indian audience is aware of it. But going forward, this song has become NTR’s visiting card to do pan-India films in Bollywood.

All those in the north who had doubts about NTR and what he is capable of can watch this song and understand the acting prowess of NTR. The directors in Bollywood who will pitch films for NTR will surely understand the star hero’s range after seeing this number.

NTR has been in the industry for close to 20 years and is a terrific actor. As he is well versed with so many languages, it would not be late when a big director would approach the star hero for a big pan India film. The icing on the cake is RRR’s success and NTR’s outburst in Komuram Bheemudo song.