Jr NTR Simhadri Was Actually Written for BalakrishnaRajamouli’s father wrote many stories and among them, he said that he liked Balakrishna’s ‘Samarasimha Reddy’ the most. He revealed, sometimes he writes a story for one hero and when he has to narrate the same story to another hero, he would only make minor changes.

Talking about ‘Simhadri’, Rajamouli’s father has a surprise for us. He actually wrote the story for Balakrishna and there were three heroines in the story. When he had to narrate the same to NTR, he tweaked the story a bit and finally, one heroine was removed with a few changes made here and there.

‘Simhadri’ scored a big blockbuster and had been one of the stepping stones in both NTR’s and Rajamouli’s career. This film brought immense mass following for NTR and since then, NTR’s mass image is intact with a few experiments now and then.