Jr NTR Wife Cried for His Midnight Emotional ShowOne morning, when NTR woke up, he saw his wife crying. He was surprised as they didn’t have any fight before going to bed. When asked, she revealed what happened the previous night. Midnight NTR woke up and started enacting like Jai and walked up to the window.

Before he stepped out of the window, his wife pulled him back. That’s why he saw his wife crying when he woke up in the morning. Actually, the process of changing into three different characters and enacting three roles, one by one, for the same scene, getting every move and every expression right has taken a toll on NTR.

He was involved so much that, he got into Jai’s character in the middle of the night without his knowledge. He did essay dual roles in ‘Adhurs’. But that movie was more CG friendly and the dual roles maintained distance and there was no overlapping between the two characters.

But, for ‘Jai Lava Kusa‘, he wanted to break that and wanted his characters to be as natural as possible. NTR took every care to get the stuttering right and he toiled hard as he wanted every dialogue to be understood amidst that stutter. It’s a big challenge, indeed!