NTR Turns Agnyaathavaasi In U.S.When star heroes visit foreign countries, it is usual for fans to flock to see their favorite star. They will find out where their hero is staying and make sure to take a selfie with him.

NTR is now in the U.S. with his family for a vacation, and he has thousands of fans there, including Americans. Especially after RRR, his popularity is on a different level. Fans would love to have a glimpse of him.

But NTR, as usual, is maintaining extreme secrecy. No one knows about his whereabouts. Unlike Mahesh Babu, NTR doesn’t like to share pics of his family during the vacation.

Fans are waiting to congratulate him for RRR making noise at the Oscars. But NTR is nowhere to be found. Even his team isn’t leaking any details about his whereabouts.

NTR fans, especially the NRI ones, are feeling a bit disappointed that NTR doesn’t change his policy of keeping a low profile.