Jr-NTR-Teasing-Paparazzi-at-AirportNTR was clicked at the Airport after a commercial shoot in Mumbai for Appy Fizz. There he caught hold of a media person, who always lives in the airport to click photographs of the celebrities.

NTR was seen teasing the photographer saying, “Do you live here? Food, bath and everything, here?” He said that in a funny manner but, it’s the truth about that particular photographer who seems to be hunting for celebrities at the airport.

Of course, it’s his bread and butter, but NTR’s tease suits him perfectly as he literally lives in the airport to catch the starry moments with his camera. This is like a great service for the die-hard fans of the stars to give them the latest pics of their favourite heroes.

NTR’s fans are excited to watch their star hero tease the media person. The Nandamuri hero is known for his sense of humour and this impromptu episode is one such example.