Jr-NTR-Chiranjeevi-Prashant-NeelPrashanth Neel became a hot favorite to star heroes and top production houses after the monstrous success of KGF duology. All his forthcoming films are Telugu ones and when asked about the same by Kannada media, here’s what he had to say.

“I’m open about it. I never went to anyone for offers. I kept receiving offers from heroes and producers. I personally value my career above everything. I felt the offers from Telugu industry were good and I picked them. It is not that I’m sold to them” Neel said.

Neel’s comment has fired a feud between Mega and Nandamuri camps as they connect the dots.

NTR was the one who pushed Mythri Movie Makers to lock Prashanth for his film at any cost. We can sense it in Neel’s comment. NTR was the one who direly requested him” a mega fan commented.

“Neel had revealed that NTR is his favorite actor and it has been his dream to direct him. If anything, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan were the ones who ran after Neel to have dinner and try to materialize a project with Charan” NTR fan replied.

NTR and Mega fans are busy pushing the blame on each other over Neel’s comment. Either way, no hero fan is complaining about their hero’s film with Neel as they are excited about the kind of stuff Neel cooks.