Jr NTR, Jr NTR PR Team, Jr NTR Social Media Team, Jr NTR PR Team Janatha Garage, Jr NTR Social Media PR Team Janatha GarageJr NTR is one star among the top league who has been always ready to promote his films. Right from the beginning days he has been available on all mediums, promoting his films and interacting with fans. But it was all old fashioned style and even there, somewhere in the past few years, he stopped doing it.

One could also attribute it to the fact that the movies were bad, after all what can one do with a film like Rabhasa? These factors made him loose a section of the audience which has become very critical for big grosser’s in the last few years. Keeping a stock of all these, the star has silently revamped all his work choices and social media presentation skills recently and the benefits are already visible.

First step was image makeover with Temper and Nannaku Prematho bringing him closer to the core fan base as well as the urban audience. It wasn’t just movie choices but the whole package – looks, style, costume, social media presence and media interaction etc. Now he has started stage two with Janatha Garage taking all those things to next level. Right promotions with him at center, perfect combination, and biggest release date, everything is taken care off. Will this effort lead to bigger results in the end? Let’s wait and watch.