Jr NTR Ram Charan social media facebook twitterNowadays social media is playing an important part in deciding the popularity of a star actor in film industry. Hence Bollywood star heroes have since long been using online platforms to build up their strengths regarding popularity. Of late, even our top stars in Tollywood aren’t overlooking the importance of social media and netizens.

We can see the difference. Ram Charan thanked his followers on Facebook for the three million likes and earlier Tarak has also posted how overwhelmed was he for the number of views and likes for ‘Naannaku Prematho’ teaser. The teaser recorded more than 2 million views and 39,000 likes.

From the above examples it’s evident that likes and views became a big deal for even top stars. They started giving importance to social media. They are moving up in the popularity charts gradually by staying in touch with their fans through this virtual media.