NTR & RC Fans: Kodiguddu Meedha Eekalu Peeke ModeRRR’s Naatu Naatu could well be termed the video song of the decade as two of India’s finest dancers, Ram Charan and Jr NTR set the dance floor on fire with this energetic dance number. This dance number offered one of the best theatrical experiences in recent times and many of those who watched RRR in theatres opine the same.

Coming to the point, a short while back, the makers unveiled Naatu Naatu video song on YouTube and this has now led to a heated clash on social media.

NTR and Charan’s fans have started the customary nitpicking as they are sharing slow-motion videos of Naatu Naatu to show that their favorite hero has bettered the other in this dance number. A few are sharing snapshots of the minute mistakes committed by Charan and Tarak in the song as they intend to publicize that the other hero’s mistakes.

The pointless social media hate related to Naatu Naatu reminds us of one famous Telugu phrase “Kodiguddu Meedha Eekalu Peekinatlu Undi” which translates to “Finding the smallest of inconsequential mistakes just for the sake of it”.

Fans should admire NTR and Charan for putting on a fine show on the dance floor, instead of praising their favorite hero and ridiculing the other. It needs to be noted that both of them are humans and dancing with 100% sync is near impossible. They have performed to the best of their capabilities and fans should rather enjoy the song for what it is, instead of scratching their heads on finding the mistakes committed by the two heroes.