JR NTR Ram CharanSS Rajamouli and his team made India very proud by winning an award for RRR at the Golden Globe Awards yesterday. The song Naatu Naatu won the best original song award at the prestigious awards ceremony. MM Keeravani composed this energetic number, and he fully deserved it.

But the song created such an impact because of the jaw-dropping visuals. The electrifying dance movements by NTR and Ram Charan mesmerized the viewers while watching that song.

No one could even blink their eyes when they both were dancing like a dream. It was like watching an unbelievable trapeze act unfolding before our eyes.

Nothing to take away from Keeravani and his team in creating such a memorable song, but the real heroes of the song were definitely NTR and Ram Charan. Without their amazing dance movements, the song wouldn’t have become what it is today.