JrNTR-Kalyanram-Bimbisara-Pre-Release-EventIt is confirmed that Jr NTR is stepping out to take part in the promotional campaign of his brother, Kalyan Ran’s Bimbisara. Tarak will be attending the pre-release event of Bimbisara which is scheduled to be held on the 29th of this month.

Incidentally, Bimbisara is clashing with Sita Ramam, which is also releasing on the 5th of August. Sita Ramam is produced by Vyjynathi Movies and Swapna Cinemas. Needless to say Vyjynathi Movies’ Ashwini Dutt, Priyanka Dutt, and Swapna Dutt share a very close rapport with Tarak. Priyanka and Swapna are like siblings to the Nandamuri hero and he had previously attended the pre-release event of Mahanti as well.

This time around, Tarak is having to stand by his brother Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara, which is incidentally clashing with Vyjyanthi Movies’ Sita Ramam.

The Dutt family fully understands NTR’s decision to prefer family over friends as family always comes first. Tarak has to back Bimbisara, given that it is the costliest project in Kalyan Ram’s career and Tarak’s presence will greatly help the promotional campaign of the film.

In fact, team Sita Ramam is very confident about the content and they are not bothered about the clash with Bimbisara. The trailer of the film was released today and it garnered a positive response.