Jr NTR Made It Better Than My Vision: RajamouliIt would take some doing to fully satisfy a master craftsman like Rajamouli. But as confirmed by Rajamouli himself, Jr NTR excelled in the “Komuram Bheemudo” song in the film, and he indeed surpassed what Rajamouli had anticipated from the same.

“Komuram Bheemudo is one of the focal points of RRR. The way NTR emoted in this song, the way he showed his defiance, the way he bought life to the proceedings is better than what I had envisioned before filming the song,” Rajamouli said.

Rajamaouli added that the Komuram Bheemudo strong stretch is one of his favorite portions in the film. “As far as the performances of the lead cast go, RRR is the best work in my career. NTR and Charan gave their very best.”

There has been a lot of discussion about the weightage of the two central characters in RRR. At times, this social media hate is crossing the line. But one thing that everyone has to agree upon no matter what is that Komuram Bheemudo stretch is a result of elite filmmaking and portrayal. Rajamouli has clearly stated the same.