Aadhi-Pinishetty-Jr-NTRThis week’s release, The Warriorr, has turned out to be a mighty disappointment at the box office. It has left a sour taste for everyone involved with the film, except for one person, and that is Aadhi Pinishetty.

Aadhi’s villainous performance was unanimously praised by everyone. Most of the reviews mentioned that he completely owned the film and also overshadowed hero Ram in all the scenes.

During a recent interview, Aadhi was complimented that he is the only hero doing multistarrers with big stars in Tollywood like Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Ram, and Jr NTR as they are his friends. He kind of objected and said that NTR is not his friend.

The interviewer was taken aback by his reply. Aadhi further said that he met NTR on a few occasions, and he respects NTR tremendously for the work he has done. But he is not his friend. He added that calling him his friend would not be correct on his part.