Jr NTR Is A MuslimThe craze around RRR is unfathomable. Considering it brings two of the celebrated stars together the first time, the frenzy around the pan-Indian film is massive. Apart from the hype, the film has also been surrounded by controversies which created a lot of hullabaloo.

Who can forget about the fuss that haunted the team on Jr NTR’s Komaram Bheem role where his character was shown donning a skull cap. Despite the makers stating, it is fiction the row refused to die down.

Now, Rajamouli’s father and noted screenwriter KV Vijayendra Prasad opened about the controversy and objections in connection with the film. “People just come to assumptions with hearsays. The reason behind Tarak donning the skull cap was a camouflage to escape from the Nizam, who was chasing him,” reveals the screenwriter.

Similarly, he applied the same principle of Ram Charan who is seen donning a police uniform. Although he did not reveal the story, he stressed that it would be an interesting watch for the audience. KV Vijayendra Prasad adds that it was Rajamouli’s idea behind RRR that is to make a film with two stars and that is how Ram Charan and Jr NTR came on board.