NTR Has Become More Matured NowNTR’s sense of humour, his naughtiness and his mettle at playing pranks along with his batch of friends is a known thing in the film industries. His batch includes actor Sameer, Rajeev Kanakala, Srinivas Reddy among others. Talking about NTR, Sameer shared some moments of their happiness.

NTR was known for his hilarious fun on sets and when they were together on the sets of a film, then it was like unstoppable. The Nandamuri hero used to play pranks like asking the production boy to roam shirtless throughout the day. The friends’ batch used to be in attendance at NTR’s house every evening after their respective shoots and used to have a lot of fun.

After marriage, NTR has become more matured as he is a family man now said Sameer remembering those days when they used to hang out together. True. NTR’s maturity levels showed when he hosted the season one of Bigg Boss show. However, that prankster in him didn’t die, though.