NTR_LA_OscarsJr NTR is not too inclined towards other heroes’ promotional events. He only attends events of his brother, Kalyan Ram, and select few others whom he sees like family – Swapna Dutt of Swapna Cinemas, Keeravani’s family.

Now, for a change, NTR has agreed to attend the promotional event of Vishwak Sen’s Dhamki on the 17th of this month. NTR appears to have agreed to come on-board for the event purely out of the fanboy obligation as Vishwak publicly expresses his love for NTR.

Vishwak really has hit the jackpot with NTR’s presen at the event. Wonder how?

NTR’s name will be resonating India-wide as he will be taking part in the Oscars on the 12th of March. This is the biggest film-related global event and NTR’s presence will be a point of discussion.

Then, just days after the Oscars event, Tarak will be attending Dhamki event. This will naturally hype up the Dhamki event as everyone will be curious to listen NTR talk just days after the Oscars.

Dhamki is promoted as pan Indian film but it is yet to establish itself as a proper prospective pan Indian film with a wide reach. At this time, NTR attending the event, that too shortly after his Oscars stint could work wonderfully well for Dhamki in fetching wide attention for the film.

Vishwak, a public fanboy of NTR has clearly hit the jackpot by somehow convincing the otherwise reserved NTR to attend his film event.