Jr-NTR-SadhguruJV-Rally For Rivers‘Rally for Rivers’ is a massive campaign to save our rivers which are soon depleting because of deforestation. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is going to launch a month-long drive for supporting the cause.

Many celebrities from across the country from various spheres of life are extending the support for the campaign to create awareness among the people for the need to save rivers. NTR is the first hero to extend support for this noble campaign calling the campaign as ‘noble and selfless crusade’.

Acknowledging NTR’s support, Jaggi Vasudev blessed NTR and appreciated the Nandamuri hero for supporting the cause to have our rivers flowing and passing that legacy to the future generations. Popular cricketers, actors, politicians, industrialists and many others are supporting this cause and are going to participate in various rallies and events to begin from 3rd September.