NTR’s Dupe Desperate to Meet Him

JR NTR dupeA look into one Shaminder Singh’s Twitter account, we will get confused if we were actually into Jr NTR‘s account instead of the Twitter wall of the Punjabi guy. Yeah. The guy has striking similarities with NTR, and he is almost like a lookalike barring a few features that can be understood only upon very close inspection.

Otherwise, any of Shaminder Singh’s pics can be taken for granted as NTR’s pics. He is that similar. The guy has been posting pics and sharing short selfie videos mouthing NTR dialogues so that the star hero will look at those pics one day and gives a response to him. He seems to be desperate to meet NTR.

However, the guy says that he can’t come to Hyderabad as he might be mistaken for NTR and it would be hard for him to stay away from fans. One must agree that not only the facial features, even Shaminder Singh’s eyes and the look in the eyes match with NTR’s eyes and looks, as well.

Quite a striking similarity, indeed! Take a look at this guy, and tell us if you can disagree with us.

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