Balkrishna jr ntr fans nandamuri fansJr NTR has reportedly donated the money he has won in the popular game show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu to NTR Charitable Trust and NBK’ Basavatarakam Cancer hospital. On surface it is a good deed by the star and it has to be appreciated but once again there is a new angle that people bring into it?

Is this a way to woo the fans of Balakrishna and TDP? That is what many are thinking when they heard it for the first time. Not uttering a single word about Balakrishna on the big stage and then doing charity like this in a programme is meant to look in certain positive way and many have caught that.

Instead of this indirect ways to get the fans mandate and universal acceptance, why couldn’t the star say or do those things in an open way? If not everyone, surely fans will love him more for the act, isn’t it?