NTR-Doesn't-Draw-a-Line-Says-Mega--DirectorWhat’s the relationship between ‘Uppena‘ director Buchi Babu and Jr NTR? Buchi Babu described his admiration for NTR very vividly during a recent interview. He said, “NTR doesn’t draw a line?”, talking about the way NTR treats people.

Though he was an assistant director while working for ‘Naannaku Prematho’, NTR used to call him to sit along with him calling him loving ‘Hey Buchi!’ as if he is a close aide who he knew for a long time.

His admiration for NTR makes him send the photos from Uppada where the people admire NTR immensely. NTR was one of the first people who heard the ‘Uppena’ story and felt that Buchi Babu must have lifted it from somewhere.

Even Mahesh Babu was very close to Buchi Babu as he was the assistant director for the superstar’s film ‘1 – Nenokkadine’. The assistant director went to Mahesh house and when he saw the newborn girl Sitara he said, “So cute’, and immediately the superstar put his baby in Buchi Babu’s arms.

Buchi Babu opines that these stars are celebrated not because of only their movies but also because of their attitude towards others treating their fellow mates equally.