Jr-NTR-Could-Have-Done-Better-than-Ram-Charan!---SukumarThere is no second thought to agree that Ram Charan lived his character, Chitti Babu, as he owned it like no one else could have done it. It’s his career-best performance, till date and that’s the reason why praises are raining on him.

Suppose if Jr. NTR played the character, how would it have been? When Sukumar was questioned, the director said there will be no comparison as the performance is individual. Here, we can’t bring in comparison as there is no parallel competition between them. The comparison will come only when the two stars are doing the same role.

Though stars like NTR and Mahesh Babu are basically performers, it’s incorrect to imagine others would have done better as he didn’t make the film parallelly with both Charan and NTR. Sukumar made sense when he explained about the comparison which can’t be done as he didn’t make the same story with NTR.