Jr-NTR-Confirmed-for-Bharat-Ane-Nenu--Will-Nandamuri---Mahesh-Fans-Stop-WarsEven before the official confirmation, the buzz created a lot of excitement among fans that Jr. NTR is going to attend the pre-release event of Mahesh Babu’s Summer release ‘Bharat Ane Nenu‘. Now, it is officially confirmed that NTR is indeed going to grace the event to be held at LB Stadium on 7th April.

Like Nandamuri and mega fans indulge in fan wars abusing each other and making tall claims, even Nandamuri and Mahesh fans do the same. Of late, we have been witnessing an interesting turn of events when the camaraderie between Ram Charan, NTR, and Mahesh Babu. Both Mahesh and NTR congratulated Ram Charan for his performance in ‘Rangasthalam’.

Now, NTR is gracing Mahesh Babu’s crucial film’s event. Now, can we expect Nandamuri and Mahesh’s fans to stop their fan wars like we have hoped the Nandamuri-Mega fans too share the friendship like their star heroes who are bringing up a change? By the way, Ram Charan may not attend the event as Rajamouli has to keep the buzz and enthusiasm with regard to seeing NTR and Ram Charan in the same frame.