Jr NTR - Ram Charan - RRRRRR has showcased what Ram Charan can do as an actor. He is being praised for his performance as Ramaraju in RRR.

There are also a few who say that Rajamouli should have given Ramaraju’s role to NTR and vice versa. But the writer of RRR, Vijayendra Prasad thinks otherwise.

He says that NTR could easily carry off the role of Ramaraju but Charan would not be able to pull off the role of Bheem. The ace writer also says that the rawness needed for the role, Charan does not have it.

He also adds by saying that this aspect was also discussed during the scripting and as NTR can only pull off the innocent and yet wild character, they chose him for Bheem.

NTR is known for his intense emotions and showcases it like a volcano. But Charan is known to hide those emotions and emote through his eyes. So, each one of them fit their roles perfectly and one cannot think of them swapping characters.