RRR-Rajamouli-A fan-made poster is getting all the attention on social media platforms and it’s appreciated by both by Ram Charan and NTR’s fans. The fan-made poster illustrates an imaginary scene in which Ram Charan is giving a bloodbath to NTR sitting in yogic posture after killing a lion.

These are the kind of expectations that fans are setting for Rajamouli’s multi-starrer pan-Indian movie RRR. No doubt, given the combinations, the expectations are very huge. But, this fan-made poster has upped the expectations to a different level.

If Rajamouli can meet the humungous expectations of the fans of the two mass heroes, there will certainly be a god-level appreciation for the director who has an impeccable record of having a 100% success rate and that’s almost impossible for any filmmaker.

In terms of fans expectations, this project is different from ‘Baahubali’ in many ways. ‘Baahubali’ had no such expectations because it was Rajamouli’s first pan-Indian venture and the pan-Indian audiences know almost nothing about the hero and the director.

Now, the pan-Indian image of the director with the combination of two mass heroes who command big fan following had increased the anticipation on the project. The above-mentioned fan-made poster is a good example that the anticipation will be on the next level. Is Rajamouli listening?