Allu -Arjun - Jr NTRWe used to see Tamil fans resorting to street brawls on social media by trending vulgar and indecent hashtags. It looks like Tollywood fans are heading in a similar direction in the name of Pigs and Foxes. This has happened on Sunday morning in between NTR and Allu Arjun fans.

We do not know how it all started and who started it first but we can see indecent hashtags like #InsecureFoxAlluArjun, #CharacterLessPigNTR are trending in the Twitter trends list. There are 10s of 1000s of tweets under each hashtag with cuss words and disgusting morphed pictures.

A few days ago, we have seen a similar brawl between NTR and Ram Charan fans. While the heroes move closer with each other, the fans resort to ugly fights online. Previously this culture used to be on the ground only between a section of fans. Social media has given a mask for everyone to hide behind and vent their frustrations online. So, the ugly trend is brewing at a brisk pace.

Interestingly, NTR and Bunny are close and address each other as ‘Bava’. while the heroes display exemplary characters without indulging in insecurities, we see ugly trends on them calling them insecure and character-less.