Jr NTR Already Dominating Ram Charan SS Rajamouli has ensured a perfect balance between NTR and Ram Charan in RRR Trailer. But then, the perfect balance is impossible in the film. It will also boil down to who is the best performer among the two. Saving the discussion for the release, Tarak already started dominating Ram Charan.

This is regarding RRR Trailer Promotional events. The team has so far toured Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. Charan had skipped Mumbai event due to a family event. But both the heroes attended the remaining two. Tarak stole the limelight in the three events.

He was energetic and is also effortless speaking the local languages and taking the local press by surprise. He spoke high about Ajay Devgn in Mumbai, talked emotionally about Puneeth Rajkumar in Bengaluru, and in Chennai, he spoke about Vijay’s Master success in Telugu states.

Thus he instantly established a connection with the media there. And also intelligently helped the local media with a headline for their stories about the event. Also, scores of fans stormed to the venues of Kannada and Tamil events creating Hungama for the star. Tarak has clearly dominated Charan at least at these events.