Brahamanandam is undoubtedly the star comedian in Tollywood whose unique mannerisms evoke laughter quite effortlessly. He is unbeatable anyway. There are only few comedians in the industry who could come close to stardom as comedians. Besides Brahmi, Venu Madhav and Sunil are the two comedians who made it to the top. Sunil tried playing comedy hero and his first success as comedy hero made him to stay back to experiment with comedy hero roles. His place left vacant.

At the right time Jr.Brahmamnandam made a thumping entry with ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ as the replacement for Sunil. In fact more than the stars, it was Saptagiri who grabbed a lot of eyeballs for his hilarious performance. After that film, saptagiri is slowly growing as a comedy star and the latest feather in his cap of achievements is ‘Lovers’. There are repeated audience to the movie because of Saptagiri. Though the film is said to be a romcom, it is more comedy and less romance which has actually saved the movie from falling into flop category. Hope Saptagiri wouldn’t take this success to head and head for comedy hero roles coming his way.