Joke! Vijay Better Dancer Than Allu ArjunThe South Indian film industry is famous for having actors who are also the best in dancing skills. In the past decade, Allu Arjun, NTR, and Ram Charan have emerged as the best dancers from the South. There are other actors like Vijay, Ram, Dhanush, and others who are also good at dancing.

Recently, actor Shaam (Kick fame) gave an interview on a YouTube channel in which he says that Thalapathy Vijay is the best dancer. He further says that Vijay is unmatchable and his level of everything is somewhere else. He also adds that Allu Arjun himself will agree that Vijay is a better dancer than him.

This clip is being shared on social media and Vijay is getting massively trolled by Tollywood fans. Shaam is also getting bashed for such a stupid statement.

One Allu Arjun fan said, “Vijay became a star by remaking Mahesh Babu films and copying Allu Arjun dances. He ruined all those films and steps with his pathetic acting and dance movements.”

Many said that Shaam was just trying to get into the good books of Vijay and get some roles in his films and that’s the reason why he is praising him to the skies or else even a kid would know that Allu Arjun is miles ahead of Vijay in the dancing department.

People on social media were having fun by sharing clips where Vijay copied Allu Arjun’s dance moves.

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