JhonnyIt is known that Pawan Kalyan tried his hand at film direction with Johnny. But the effort went in vain as the film was a dud at the box office. As per the latest reports, Pawan could be back at it again.

A few of Pawan’s fans on social media have a peculiar update on Pawan Kalyan’s next film with Harish Shankar.

They say Pawan is penning the script for this film and Harish will only be directing it. If that really is the case, it would mean that Pawan is rolling back the days. But it isn’t the brightest thing to do given the current scenario.

Firstly, Pawan has lost his tough in filmmaking and script writing. Moreover, he is not in the right space of mind or has ample time to pen a script. He is unable to even attend film shootings properly due to his political commitments and with so much going on, one can only wonder how he’ll find the time to pen a script.

That said, this isn’t a verified update and it’s too early to comment on the same already. We should see how things pan out.

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