Jogi Naidu, popularly known as anchor Jhansi’s husband, recently got divorced and shared a few important facts about his relationship with Jhansi with a leading daily. Naidu said that the two of them fell in love and got married about fifteen years ago. The couple has a ten-year old daughter who now lives with her mother, Jhansi. He also mentioned that as differences started to pop up in their relationship, they decided to move on with their lives and therefore he is now back to his bachelor life. When asked about his recording studio, he told that when issues came up between the couple, he couldn’t focus on it and ended up in a big financial mess. Naidu has since then re-started his career with the film ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ and now has more than ten movies lined up to keep him busy.

One very interesting detail that he shared was his desire to become a director. Jogi said that when he first came to the industry, it was to become a director and he still thinks he can do it. He even has a few scripts ready with him. However, his most unforgettable moment till date was when the renowned Megastar Chiranjeevi called him to have a long chat about his TV program.