Jodi-Teaser-TalkThe teaser of Aadi Sai Kumar’s new film Jodi is out. After doing a lot of action and comedy, he seems to have ventured into love and drama space with family elements thrown in. At least, that is what is promised by the makers – A new-age family drama.

However, the teaser doesn’t show any of the family or the drama bits. It is quite simply a collection of sweet moments between the hero and heroine. The pair of Aadi and Shraddha Srinath does look lovely. The classy makeover of the former, gels well with the casual yet sensual look of the latter.

The lack of any substantial related to the core story makes this teaser pointless unless introducing the two primary characters was the only intention. In that case, promoting it as character intro would be sufficed.

Take a look at the teaser below. Vishwanath directs this new-age family drama. Neeve fame Phani Kalyan provides the music to the movie. Aadi Sai Kumar is hoping to make a positive impression in a new avatar. Let’s see if he manages to achieve that when the film hits the cinemas in some time.