jobless-coward-hacked-wiped-my-phone-clean-trisha-krishnanNormally, we hear about hacking emails and social media accounts of celebrities. Here, the hacker had chosen something very different. He had hacked the phones of two beautiful ladies and wiped out their contacts.

The two beautiful ladies were actresses Trisha and Hansika. We came to know about this mishap when Trisha posted the happening on her Twitter handle asking friends to send their names and numbers through Whatsapp, as all her contacts were lost because of this hacking.

Expressing her anger on the hack, Trisha hoped that the miscreant would be better dealt by cyber crime officials and karma (destiny). A similar incident happened even to Hansika.

A couple of hours after Trisha’s tweet, Hansika too notified that her contacts were wiped out and she took Trisha’s way requesting her friends to send their contacts. One can imagine how embarrassing it would be to find one’s phone wiped out completely.