siddharth jill jung juck movie storyIt’s not a hero-driven film. There is no heroine in the film!. When the story isn’t a hero-driven film, there will be little necessity to have a heroine in the film. Agreed. We are talking about actor cum producer Sidharth’s upcoming Tamil movie ‘Jil Jung Juk’. Debutante film maker Dheeraj Vaidy says his film is different.

How different is his film? It’s already said that there is no female lead, script is the heroine. It doesn’t fall under any one particular genre like action and drama but says it’s a quirky, dark comedy. He further explains that there is a thin line between dark comedy and black comedy.

From the promo material it’s obvious there two more important characters besides Sidharth. And the debutante director adds one more name, i.e., Radha Ravi playing an important role in the movie. This seems to be like an experiment in South Film Industry which churns out hero-centric films for commercial value.