siddharth blue hair‘It’s an all male characters film and there is no heroine’, says debut director Dheeraj Vaidy. His debut film ‘Jil Jung Juk’ produced by actor Siddharth is garnering good response through its promo material. Dheeraj Vaidy was indeed successful in making the audiences anticipate a very different movie from the mundane ones.

How was Siddharth impressed by the young guy? Dheeraj sent the video of the trailer of ‘Jil Jung Juk’ to Siddharth on Whatsapp. Impressed with the trailer, Siddharth gave him chance to direct him though Dheeraj didn’t work as an assistant director for any movie till date.

The director says that his film is set up in an imaginary world and hence all the characters are also fictitious. That’s why we are going to see Siddharth with blue hair which is very unconventional and also not very common. It’s not only the look, the trailer and the song ‘Shoot the Kuruvi’ very well announced how quirky the movie is going to be.