jhansis-warning-to-writer-diamond-ratnam-on-hugs-controversiesWhen writer Diamond Ratnam was asked why he didn’t speak about heroine Sonarika, he jokingly said that all the hugs went to Manchu Vishnu while he is the one who wrote them. Taking the lead, when Jhansi asked for an explanation, Vishnu called the writer to come down the stage. This took place at Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam Audio release event.

He requested Sonarika to give the hug he asked for. The heroine did so without taking any apprehension as everything was said in a hilarious way. Jhansi warned them that all this is taking place ‘in front of legends’ like dialogue king Mohan Babu and senior actor Rajendra Prasad and media.

She further warned the writer not to talk about hugs as they made lead into controversies and only explain the question put to him, ‘Why are you called Diamond Ratnam?’ Later Mohan Babu also brought up this topic of hugs in his speech and told the writer to consider the heroine’s hug as a sisterly hug to a brother.