parul yadav Jessie movie impresses Rajamouli father vijayanand big timeParul Yadav, the newest sensation in Kannada films is also going to check her luck in Telugu Film Industry and hence coming up with a couple of some bilingual films. One such film is a romantic thriller titled ‘Jessie’.

Writer-director Vijayendra Prasad as invited to watch the romantic thriller. After the screening, Rajamouli’s father was like all praises for the actress. Naturally Parul Yadav is on cloud none for getting a huge thumbs up from one of the popular screen writers in India.

Did you that Vijayendra Prasad compared her to popular Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. We don’t know whether the comparison came for the looks or for her performance in ‘Jessica’. Anyway, this film will also be released in Telugu soon with the same title.