Nani - Didn't Watch Majili, Can't Comment on It!Every actor who has the ambition to be a star or is lucky enough to become a star needs one game-changing unanimously appreciated movie every three to four years. If we take a look at any star, we will observe this pattern.

When it comes to Nani, he has come this long way because he got registered with the debut Asta Chemma itself. Later he has had Ala Modalaindi, and Bhale Bhale Mogadivoyi. These are the films that helped raise the profile of Nani as a star and in between, he had a few other which did the same for him as an actor.

Now, after a similar gap, Nani has got Jersey. It is set to become the movie that forms a perfect marriage of star and actor for Nani. Among the second league of stars, he has further increased the gap between him and others. Only Vijay Deverakonda is closer to him in the second place.

In the recent past, Nani had several successful films which helped his standing as a star, but somehow the critical side was getting weaker. The movies were a success, but not everyone was pleased with them. Keeping all that in mind, Jersey couldn’t have happened at a better time. It is a classic that is driven by his performance out and out.