jayalalitha-rejected-rajinikanth-billa‘Drushya,’ director Sri Priya was Rajinikanth’s heroine in his 1980 super hit film ‘Billa’. Prior to Sri Priya came into the scene for playing the main female lead, Jayalalitha was offered the role to romance Rajinikanth.

The iron lady turned down the offer to romance Rajinikanth in ‘Billa’. This, she did because she wasn’t interested in continuing her film career. As she was sound financially, Jayalitha wanted to live like a queen and hence she rejected the superstar.

This throw-back story was revealed by a letter written by Jayalitha to an author, Piousiji who wrote an article on her, back then. The article mentioned that Jayalalitha wasn’t getting offers and was financially very low.

The actress wrote a letter to the author revealing the fact that if she rejected Rajinikanth, it means, she was still one of the most sought after actresses who can turn down even a superstar and a big production house. How queenly!