Krack - Jathi Ratnalu - UppenaThe year 2021 has been good for Telugu cinema so far. We are into the third month of the year, and we are already looking at a third genuine blockbuster. Krack started the year with a bang in January; Uppena followed it in February. And now, we have Jathi Ratnalu in March.

Jathi Ratnalu has collected nearly 6.75 Cr in two days in the Telugu states. The worldwide number is around 8.7 Cr. The film needs another 2.8 Cr to reach the breakeven mark worldwide. It will be achieved today (on the third day) itself.

In the US, Jathi Ratnalu has already reached $ 300K. It is the highest-grossing Telugu movie of the year, so far in 2021. It is expected to zoom past $ 500K by the end of the weekend.

The real question now is where Jathi Ratnam will end? Initially, the trade expected the movie to do between 15 Cr to 20 Cr in the long run, but the film is getting that in the extended week only. The first Sunday is expected to be more than the opening day.

Jathi Ratnalu is another legitimate blockbuster. Both Krack and Uppena had an exceptionally long run. Krack earned 40 Cr in its final run with fifty percent occupancy, whereas Uppena has crossed 50 Cr without any help from the US. Let’s see how much Jathi Ratnalu does in its closing.